• 6 of the Best...London Street Food Stalls

    London street food has never been a bigger deal. In fact, London is a prime UK hotspot for serious kerbside deliciousness. Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a foodie, or love to taste the latest fashionable fare, we've compiled a tasty rundown of some of the best street food vendors the city has to offer. Time to add these beauties to your “must eat” list...


    1. The Rib Man


    If you're a serious carnivore, The Rib Man's baby back ribs, grilled to perfection and heaped onto welcoming soft white baps are a “must munch”. The Rib Man's backstory is even more interesting than his delectable fare. Trained as a butcher at 15, Mark Gevaux lost his leg to a car accident, putting his career on hold. In 2007, The Rib Man was born and can today be found most Sundays on Brick Lane. Just follow your nose. If you're feeling brave, a dose of Mark's “Christ on a Bike” sauce will blow your head off, in the good way.


    2. LemLem Kitchen


    Food hipsters are always looking for the next, big, inventive thing. Eritrean-inspired “Afro-tacos” may just do the trick. The creation of Makda & Jack Harlow, these beautiful, traditional injera flatbreads are heaped with spiced chicken, soft gamy pulled lamb and a whole host of pickled, salady treats. Head to Netil Market on Saturdays to take a bite.


    3. Mike & Ollie


    And while we're on the subject of flatbreads, Mike & Ollie is one street food incarnation of Yotam Ottolenghi you do not want to miss. Trained in fine art, co-founder Mike creates delectable masterpieces, wrapping up fillings like fresh, pan-fried mackerel, slow cooked lamb shoulder, free range pork belly and a smorgasbord of frankly divine vegetable accompaniments and sauces. Find Mike & Ollie at Brockley Market on Saturdays.


    4. Savage Salads


    How does the best salad in the world sound, compared to your regular office lunch? How about if it cost just £5? This is Savage Salad's whole schtick and it's an absolute blinder. Chargrilled aubergine, panzanella, roast beetroot, quinoa, tabouleh, red rice, sun dried tomatoes – these guys create a whole world of delicious salads which won't cost more than a shoddy supermarket sandwich. Find them every Monday-Friday on Broadwick Street in Soho, but come prepared to queue!


    5.  Bao


    When your food is as good as Bao's, you don't need an extensive menu. And this Taiwanese cuisine is good. Really, really good. From handmade steamed milk buns crammed with all manner of Taiwanese goodness (make sure you try the classic pork bun), to soya milk fried chicken which will take you to another plane of gourmet enjoyment, there's not a dud on the list – it's all sublime. Get your fill at 53 Lexington Street, Soho on Saturdays.

    Which is your favourite London based street food vendor? Have your say and share your snaps in the Base London Facebook group.

  • "A weekend of music, food & beer"... count us in!

    Our boys Missing Andy are playing The Brentwood Festival this weekend. If you're from Essex or just love Mod, Pop, Rock & Ska music, food and beer, then head down this Saturday to see Missing Andy performing on the main stage at 8PM.



  • BBQ Tips For This Summer




    If you're out in the sun and someone decides that what you need right now is a BBQ, here's the best places to get everything you'll need:

    Firstly, you need the bbq. Now you can either go down to the local tesco metro and pick up a disposable BBQ which is normally around £5.00 and lasts for a couple hours, or you can check out this sweet little deal at a bigger Tesco that'll last you for however long you look after it. I think it looks pretty cool too, and it's portable: Orange Retro Portable BBQ. A great place to buy coal and firelighters is often in local foreign supermarkets on your high street or petrol stations - they do the massive bags for normally a cheaper deal.


    Then the food. Obviously, you need meat: burgers, sausages, chicken, steak, chorizo and a little bit of sea food always goes down a treat. But it's sides that'll take your standard BBQ with the mates, to a gourmet food fest that all of you can get involved in. Check out a few recipes from Jamie Oliver's BBQ & grilling recipes, here.


    Some of the quickest recipes that I always knock up for a BBQ:

    • Kebabs: lamb, chicken, vegetable, chorizo
    • Halloumi salad
    • BBQ'd pitta and dips: hummus, mint yoghurt, tomato & chilli salsa
    • Salmon cooked in garlic butter in tin foil over the BBQ
    • Barbeque chicken wings
    • Roasted corn on the cob
    • Grilled pineapple
    • Chicken salad with peaches - BBQ'd for best flavour and texture
    • Bananas with chocolate sauce - cut a line down the banana and stuff with chocolate, wrap in tin foil and cook for about 40 mins for best flavour. This is definitely my favourite thing when it comes to a BBQ!
  • London Resident? Visiting London?





    You 100% NEED to try this new burger joint that's opened up. From the States called Shake Shack -


    "Shake Shack sprouted from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan created by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation. The cart was quite the success, with Shack Fans lined up daily for three summers."


    Reasons why you need to try:

    • they're green - they care about not only tasty food, but what goes into it; their waste is lessened as they recycle bottles, plastic and card; the left over kitchen food is put into compost; 100% all-natural vegetarian-fed Angus beef; each Shack is constructed from recycled and sustainable materials (tabletops made from bowling alley lanes!); they donate 5% of sales of a specific concrete to local charitable organizations.
    • local ingredients which means fresh, tasty food!
    •  an absolutely filthy menu (in the best possible way). Seriously. Read here. I mean, frozen custard?!
    • This...

    6a01053610d3e6970b011168ff48c0970c Concrete_EvanSung tumblr_lxe6p6ALDd1r0o04oo1_500



  • Something For the Old Man

    Almost Father's Day again, how could we forget? (Sunday 15th June if you did)


    If you have, which you probably have, here's some quick plans to save the day.

    Things to do:

    • Head down to Hawksmoor for a mouth-watering Sunday Dinner. Definitely recommended
    • Even better, get your mum to cook you all a roast and say it was your idea, but mum insisted on cooking
    • Bowling is brilliant fun and not something most dads would think to do - All Star Lanes in Brick Lane is a great spot. Good cocktails too!
    • Have a laugh at a comedy club
    • Or even join him doing what he loves best, in my case... fishing.


    Gifts that'll show him just how much you love him:

    • Other than a pair of Base London's, which he will obviously love...
    • Booze - a big bottle of the good stuff. You can get cheap deals nowadays on tasty wines, port, whiskey, etc
    • My go to present, a pair of snazzy socks! M&S do a whole array of socks if you dare to go there
    • Every man, well not every man. MOST men, like meat. Get him a butchery class from Ginger Pig (warning: this is only if you're feeling flush. Or you have some making up to do)
    • Or, if your dad's a bit of a joker, or a geek (depending which way he takes it) Sudoku Loo Roll!!


    Good luck & if you are a dad reading this, Happy Father's Day!

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